Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico!!!! I had an amazing time there despite the rain every single day we were there. So lets get started shall we!

We arrived at MSY (new Orleans). The past few times I’ve flown, the airport was still under renovations. I have to say it looks extremely good now, very impressed. We dined at the Zatarains restaurant which was really good. We flew Southwest to Fort Lauderdale then AirTran to San Juan. Well I’ve flown out of Fort Lauderdale but never changed planes. Whew were we in for a doozy. It was the first time I’ve ever had to go through security when simply changing terminals. I’m not sure why that’s the case but it was truly the weirdest thing. The only other time you go back through security is changing flights from an international to a domestic flight. We arrived in San Juan and it was a big & nice airport.

We didn’t do much the first night other than find food. Our condo was in the perfect location!!!! We were walking distance to everything! Saturday we went to the Bacardi Rum Factory. It was relatively cheap to get there. We took taxis to Old San Juan since the buses didn’t exactly run on a schedule. The ferry ride was $.50 each way. We ate at Don Tello which is right across the street from the ferry dock. It was a really good restaurant that served authentic Puerto Rican food. After we ate, we took a shuttle to the Bacardi factory. When we arrived, there was a welcome desk that gives the tour time & 2 free drink tickets. The drinks did not disappoint at all. We also bought drinks. I do not care for mojitos at all here, but the Mojito there was the best drink I’ve ever tried! It was so good. The bartender even gave my beau a thing to make them. During the tour we learned the history of how Bacardi came about. It is certainly interesting. I won’t share as I’d rather you all go tour for yourselves. After the tour, I bought some rum from the gift shop I’ve never seen here. The rest of the evening, we walked around Ashford avenue and enjoyed a nice stroll on the beach.

Sunday was a nice chill day. We lounged at the beach and found the most amazing restaurant. Orozco’s was just amazing!!!!! Authentic Puerto Rican food at its finest. He ordered a seafood mofongo which had a plethora of seafood. I had rice and beans, plantains, and beef. It was quite yummy. We were rained out Sunday night so our exploring was cut short.

Monday was also another bummer of a day due to rain. We scheduled a Flavors of Old San Juan tour. Unfortunately, due to the monsoon our tour was cancelled. The staff tried to accommodate us but couldn’t due to our schedule. I definitely want to take the tour one day. So we decided to make our own tour so to say. We spent our day at the beach and eating at the local eateries around us once the rain stopped.

Tuesday was our best day! We toured the forts in Old San Juan. It was packed because two cruise ships were docked at two different ports so it made it quite busy. There was definitely a different vibe in Old San Juan that day. We almost felt like locals and the cruisers were in our city. The forts offered amazing views of the city. Between the two forts was Carmelo Anthony’s court which was cool to see. I’ll post some pics so you all can see my amazing journey.

The best part about the trip was the food and drinks! I loved the food trucks in Old San Juan. So good & yummy. It provably wasn’t the healthiest but vacations aren’t for the health conscience. We were fortunate to have good taxi drivers who told us what things were and where to go and about free things. That was nice of them. Overall I give Puerto Rico 2 thumbs up! It was a great trip and I can’t wait for my next adventure!







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